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Floor Mat Safety

Ford Floor Mat Anchoring System

Automotive Floor Mat Safety

Believe it or not, safety is an important subject with floor mats. You want to always purchase floor mats that fasten in place, either with the factory fastening system or with an aftermarket fastening system. The last thing you want is for your floor mats to end up bunched up under the gas or brake pedal, making them difficult to operate. Saving a few bucks to buy floor mats that do not utilize a fastening system is dangerous and something we would not recommend for anyone or any vehicle (regardless of the cost savings).

All the floor mats we offer at BuyCarFloor Mats have a fastening system. The leading provider of floor mats at BuyCarFloorMats is Lloyd Mats. Lloyd Mats are the absolute safest car floor mats in the automotive floor mat industry. Never worry about the safety and security of your family. Lloyd Mats are built with safety in mind.

Lloyd Mats has been instrumental in the evolution of floor mat safety with car and truck floor mats for years, well before anyone else in the industry even thought about floor mat safety. Lloyd's has always engineered their car and truck floor mats to be as safe as possible. Lloyd Mats is a pioneer in the development of anchoring devices to keep floor mats safely in position and on the floor of the vehicle.

With every floor mat that is developed at Lloyds, one of the main goals is to ensure the design and manufacturing process develops a mat that will not interfering with any auto controls, such as brake, accelerator, or clutch pedals. Lloyd Mats are also computer designed and patterned so that they do not create any interference with seat movement and cargo storage devices. The goal is to be comfortable as well as safe.


Corvette Floor Mat Fastening System

All Lloyd Mat sets that have driver floor mats come equipped with mechanical anchoring devices. Lloyd Mats are compatible with anchoring hardware such as hooks or posts, provided by the auto manufacturer. If the vehicle comes from the factory without anchors on the floor, Lloyd Mats provides an easy to install hook and grommet system to keep your new floor mats in place.

Lloyd Mats are also carefully designed and constructed so the mat fits perfectly in the contours of the vehicle and provides the maximum floor coverage as possible which provides a snug fit and also inhibits floor mat movement.

The stiffness of Lloyd Mats as well as their anti-skid composition rubber TractionBac™ also helps prevent car floor mat movement.


Floor Mat Anchoring Devices


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