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Lloyd Luxe Floor Mats

Lloyds LUXE floor mats are the most luxurious floor mats on the market today. LUXE mats have 1/2" thick carpet that feels so good you will literally want to drive barefoot. Luxe Mats start with a premium soil and stain resistant nylon yarn tufted into a deep dense crush resistant carpet face.

Lloyds LUXE Cadillac Floor Mats

The special layered backing is designed to maintain the precise mat shape and a thick urethane core prevents creasing and limits road noise and makes LUXE mats totally waterproof. TractionBac non skid final backing completes a superior construction that allows us to warranty the mats for as long as you own the vehicle. Luxe mats are available for most all vehicles from the 1950's to present day and come in 11 popular floor colors. They can be customized with OEM trademark logos or custom embroidered logos. Lloyd Luxe floor mats with OEM Licensed logos are available for the Camaro, Corvette, Challenger, Porsche, and many others.

Lloyds LUXE Corvette Floor Mats

LLoyd LUXE Mat Custom Emboidered Logo


Computer designed patterns insure precise maximum coverage and LLoyds automated cutting guarantees an accurate fit. The thick LUXE carpet is finished by hand with a bevel around the perimeter and logo and a matching hand sewn continuous edge binding that cant unravel. All Lloyd floor mats come with a factory compatible anchoring devices to make sure your mats stay in place.

Lloyd LUXE Mats OEM Fastening System

If you vehicle did not come with a floor mat anchoring device, Lloyd Mats will include Lloyds own safety anchoring device which will keep your floor mats under your feet and in place.

LLoyds Floor Mat fastening system

Lloyds LUXE floor mats are manufactured at Lloyds Mats California facility and are backed by a lifetime warranty. Lloyds Luxe Floor Mats are simply the finest floor mats made.

You can order Lloyd LUXE Floor Mats for any vehicle here.

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