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Lloyd Ultimat BMW Floor Mats Side by Side with OEM Floor Mats

So you are looking for new floor mats for your BMW and cannot decide what are the best mats for your car. This article is meant to aid you in making a decision and give you a side by side view of Lloyd Ultimat line of BMW floor mats that are custom cut exactly to fit all the different model BMW's. First off, the Lloyd Ultimat is Lloyd Mats top selling mat for all vehicles and is a thick 32oz floor mat that is computer cut to fit your BMW perfectly. All Lloyds needs is the year and model and they will have the pattern to fit your car. The Utlimat line is made with premium 2 ply nylon yarn that is extremely durable and stain resistant with twice the denisty of the OEM BMW floor mats. On the back of the mat there is a thick "tractionbac" that keeps the mat secure under your feet along with a moisutre resistant barrier to keep any liquids from seeping through to the OEM carpeting. Lloyd Ultimats also come with a 5 year warranty.

Ultimat Floor Mats

So lets look at the Ultimat floor mat a little closer for the BMW. The BMW we are using as our test vehicle is a 2009 BMW 335i. We are going to be replacing the stock mats with the Lloyd Ulitmat in Linen Color. As you can see, the Lloyd BMW Floor Mats compared to the OEM BMW mats cover more surface area than the OEM mats. Lloyds does this on purpose to ensure that their mats give your BMW the best floor protection possible. The OEM mats are on the top, Lloyd Mats below.

Lloyd BMW Floor Mats Compared to OEM BMW Mats

I also want to show you what the factory fastening system looks like on the BMW, it is a disc with a velcro surface on it screwed in the carpeting on the floor and then the OEM mat has a velcro pad on the bottom that fastens the mat in place. It is not a very secure way to hold the mat in place and over time the velcro pad always pulls loose. The Lloyd BMW mats have a grommet and hook system so you can be sure the mats stay in place, much better than the stock setup. As you can see in the image below, one of the velcro pads has come off our BMW OEM Mats. 

OEM BMW Fastening System

As you can see on the Lloyd mats, they have the grommets through the mats.

Lloyd Mats for the BMW come with hooks that screw into the carpeting (just like the OEM BMW mats) but instead of using velcro they use a hook. I left the OEM pads installed (you can unscrew them) for the picture alongside with the Lloyd Mat fasteners.

Lloyd Mat fasteners compared to BMW fasteners

Here is what they look like installed in the car. Outstanding fitment with excellent coverage.

Lloyd Mats installed in BMW

Passenger Side BMW Lloyd Mats

As you can see they look really good and honestly pictures do not do them justice. If you were to touch, see, and hold them as compared to the stock mats you would not have any questions about which mats are the best to put in your BMW.

For ordering information or more details check out our BMW Floor Mat section here.

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