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Why You Need New Floor Mats

Embroidered Car Floor Mats


Purchasing quality car floor mats is a wise decision for any auto owner. Car floor mats may seem like a trivial thing to consider when purchasing a new vehicle or thinking of resell value for a current vehicle; however, they are in fact quite important.
Floor mats for your truck, car, or SUV can help protect your vehicle against dirt, moisture and general wear and tear. Without this protection not only will the appearance of your vehicle diminish, so will its value. Imagine trying to resell your car years down the road, with stains from mud, gum, beverage spills, and balding spots from foot friction.
You may think that fairly regular carpet cleaning will do the trick, but consider that not only will mud and other contaminants be able to sit on top of your carpet they will also continually be ground into the carpet by feet climbing in and out of the vehicle and shifting while riding along.
For those living in regions with temperamental weather—complete with rain, snow, sleet, and sand—an all-weather rubber floor mat will be the best bet. Quick to clean, this version of the car floor mat easily protects against the frequent moisture that the floor of your vehicle will see, stopping it from soaking into the carpet and protecting against stains as well as foul odors.

Where the weather is more predictable and much drier, carpet floor mats are more than sufficient, especially where sand will frequently be carried into the vehicle by passengers. Carpet floor mats do an excellent job of trapping dirt, not allowing it to move around in the vehicle while it is in motion.
Many vehicles come with floor mats right off the lot these days, but you want to be sure you are protecting your vehicle with high-quality floor mats. A cheap version will be likely to tear or fray after a few uses, and many cheap carpeted car floor mats can leave an unpleasant odor after being cleaned. A heavy-duty floor mat made from quality materials is always going to be a smarter, more cost-effective choice in the long run.  There are also safety issues going with the cheaper, thinner mats as they tend to get bunched up under your feet and could get wedged under the pedals. Make sure you always choose a mat that has a non slip backing and also uses either the factory fastening system or comes with it's own fastening system if the factory mats do not have one.
We offer a variety of floor mats; complete with custom sizing, stitched logos, and OEM licensed embroidered mats. Whatever your needs and vehicle type, we have something for you. Contact us today for more information.

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